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Who is it for?

Chainloop might be a good fit if

with your SecOps hat on, you

  • have been tasked with enabling SLSA compliance in the Software Supply Chain of your organization.
  • are trying to wrap your head around attestation in the context of NIST 800-218 and Executive Order 14028 and want to get one step closer to compliance.
  • want to implement a standardization framework in your organization's fragmented Software Supply Chain security. Or you have tried and failed in the process.
  • have no visibility on your SSC, their practices or their readiness level.
  • want to implement SSC readiness service level objectives (SLOs) or release gateways.
  • are frustrated with the development team's lack of commitment and priorities mismatch.

with your developer hat on, you

  • have too much on your plate already and just want to get over with the security requirements with minimum amount of work and via a simple, jargon-free process.
  • don't want or have time to implement yet another log or artifact storage.
  • are frustrated with continuous new requirements from the SecOps team and would prefer to have a clear framework to get them out of your way so you can focus on your actual priority, to ship your product.