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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chainloop Open Source?โ€‹

Yes, Chainloop source code has been Open Sourced and can be found here! ๐ŸŽ‰

Can I run my own instance of Chainloop end to end?โ€‹

Yes, please refer to this guide

I am using neither GitHub Actions nor GitLab, can I still use Chainloop?โ€‹

Yes, Chainloop is runner agnostic, which means that you can run the attestation anywhere, including your laptop!

That said, there are benefits for using one of our supported runner types. We plan on supporting more CI vendors so your is not supported yet, please contact us with your preference and we will get back to you.

Does Chainloop store my Artifacts and Attestation metadata?โ€‹

No. They are stored in your Content-Addressable Storage (CAS).

Our firewall is flagging a request to, what's this?โ€‹

That is our telemetry endpoint. We collect telemetry data to help us enhance Chainloop by gaining insights into its usage. You can learn more about it and even how to deactivate it here.